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(vive) Whenever I start the app my view keeps spinning counterclockwise... Any ideas as to how I might fix it? 

You probably have some other Game Controllers connected.

Disconnect any other controllers, should fix it.

I'll try and solve the problem later.

So I'm completely new to the itch desktop version, but it says "Not available for Windows" where I assume the download button should be. Something I'm doing wrong or is it on your side?


Try now?

I completely forgot to check the Windows checkbox!

Now it works, thanks!

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My company owns vr arcade in Washington DC! We are interested in offering these experiences at our venue We use the htc vive. When will it be compatible? please check out

Well I've just uploaded the SteamVR+Oculus version

But I don't have the rights to allow you to commercialise this, this is a Fan Game of Sonic The Hedgehog,
SEGA will not allow you to include this in a VR arcade.

I will be creating more experiences, with an intent to put my Walk-O-Motion system in a fully fledged VR shooter, which of course I would consider a deal with you guys when that happens.

Haha can't wait to try it out and make a video on it man! :D

Guess what...

SteamVR now working in the game... Possible Jump button issue, can't test myself!

Deleted 5 years ago

I'll work on it and figure it out.

Try modifying SteamVR config to map A button for Oculus to something useful on Vive

nevermind works fine.. only issue is the annoying snap turning on the right trackpad but other than that everything works fine

I updated it, you can switch the jump button to Touchpad down now instead.

Also added actual Snap Turning, same right hand touchpad/analogue, but it snaps 45degrees

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Thats a lot of fun :D And I like the locomotion

It's gonna get better...

The next demo is Halo!

Vive user here. I would like to try this out! :D Looks fun!

SteamVR + Oculus version uploaded,

Also got to add collision to the End Capsule, I completely forgot that!

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