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I really really want to play this on my DK2, but I don't have motion controllers. Is there any way to select the menu items to get into the game with just an xbox controller?

Nimso plz

There is no point me going backwards to build a system that literally only one person will play.

That's how I made the Mario Bros. demo, I had to because I didn't have hand controllers, but I was severely limited and I even had complaints about not being able to use hand controllers.

I can't work on a massivley inferior product now that I can finally do what everyone else has been able to for 2 years!

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First of all, thanks for your response!

You make a good point, the xbox controller + DK2 is way outdated and there are very few people who use it,  but as far as I can tell, the motion controllers only function is to select menu items on start up.

Unless the motion controllers are used in conjunction with the positional tracking I don't see why there isn't at least a text file or equivalent that I can edit to change the settings and start the game. As of right now all I can do is run around the void with floating menu options.

There is a lot more involved than you think.

Body tracking is done between the Hands and Head, Direction is controlled relative to the hand.

The reason you didn't hear much about me 2 years ago when I started this locomotion system is because not having Hand Tracking made the whole thing incredibly weak.

Hand tracking is Necessary... I do not use head direction for movement, I Never did, not even before I had hand tracking.

To understand more, see my latest videos on VR Physics:

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Ok that makes a lot of sense! Thanks for clearing that up!

Wow... this is amazing! Is there a way this could be used to control other games (namely fallout 4) like like  binding looking left to stick left?   I haven't invested in VR yet but if it is that would convince me 100% lol

and i have ajust the heigt right

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Buddy... I'm pretty sure I've told you this on another page, stop posting a bunch of different comments related to the same thing.
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I'm going to leave this comment and delete the previous one to keep it neat.
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Sorry if it sounds harsh, but seriously, it's really really annoying.

On to the issue, movement with this system relies on a very different motion to what anyone is used to.
You have to bounce like you would naturally when walking, doing it in place is a bit weird, but once you get used to it, it becomes really easy.

To jump on a Vive controller, first you have to make sure the Vive Mode in the In Game Settings Menu is switched ON.
If it isn't I don't know what the button will be, I can't test it because I don't have a Vive.

With Vive Mode on, you Touch the Down Direction on the Right Hand Touchpad,
Then you hop  nice and speedy, no need to go really high, no need to even lift off the ground if you can tip toe quickly.

SORRY...Sonic vr is now working perfect thanks... Does mario vr working on vive????

Might need ReVive for it, but it doesn't use hand controllers, just a normal gamepad (I never had hand controllers then)

So you won't have any controls problems, you can just set them in the setup window (before the game opens, in Inputs)

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I have a vive and I can't figure out how to jump or even run or walk and that snap turning is awful... fix it PLEASE(also I cant play Mario VR either)   :(

I don't have a Vive so I can't test or guarantee anything.

The Vive-Mode changes jump to the *Direction* Down on the Right touchpad.

Make Sure you have the Height setting correct and reset when standing naturally straight, otherwise jumping will fail!


See Devlog post just below Downloads


Well I found that very entertaining.  And I would love to record more when more is made, please let me know how it goes...loyal fan of sonic for years.  I would recommend you put this on gamejolt too, if I see it there I will support it.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

any way you could add a turn off spinning when you duck option? My little guy is so short that no matter what Height I set it at he was always spinning and couldn’t play.

Sounds like he's shorter than 1 meter...

Didn't realise that would be an issue... I'll try to update it tomorrow and change the limit down much further

yeah he’s 3 years old and really wants to be sonic

I'm updating now,

The limit was actually 0.5 meters, I've turned it all the way down to 10cm.

Personally I wouldn't let a 3 year old anywhere near a VR headset, especially not one of the literal most intense motion systems currently available... but Each to his own (notice the order in which we Brits say that phrase!)

Update also adds Vive fixes and snap turning.

thank u very much. I don’t let my little guy play often but once in a while I let him try it out. He watched my son and I play sonic and he was begging to play but was disappointed when he was just rolling because of his height. He has an iron stomach for vr so I’m not worried about the motion of it. He’s going to be 1 happy kid tonight thank u

I lowered the limit but that naturally scales down the crouch distance,

If you still have trouble, set a height that's higher and then just press reset with the headset at his standing height.

The game doesn't calculate crouching from the height of the headset, the pivot point is always where you reset, that's why you have to stand straight, otherwise it just moves the floor relative to your reset.

You didn't really need the update for it, although it would still mean that he's sort of hovering above the ground that's all.

Wow dude! That was incredible! Launching straight into my Rift worked perfectly, and that was a BLAST! Not to mention a workout! I haven't sweat this much in weeks! xD Can't wait to see where you go with this, I'll definitely be along for the run! :D

Check out Mario VR, also uploaded here (unfortunately that was before my Touch controllers so you'll have to use a normal gamepad)

Next up.. HALO VR


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Hmm... try the menu buttons?

You can check the config files in SteamVR and modify what the Oculus A button maps to on Vive.

I haven't got a Vive so I can't figure it out.

Also, this is what I've been saying about a complete LACK OF BUTTONS being a massive frickin problem :P

nevermind got it working fine:)

I updated it, you can switch the jump button to Touchpad down now instead.

Also added Snap Turning.

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(vive) Whenever I start the app my view keeps spinning counterclockwise... Any ideas as to how I might fix it? 

You probably have some other Game Controllers connected.

Disconnect any other controllers, should fix it.

I'll try and solve the problem later.

So I'm completely new to the itch desktop version, but it says "Not available for Windows" where I assume the download button should be. Something I'm doing wrong or is it on your side?


Try now?

I completely forgot to check the Windows checkbox!

Now it works, thanks!

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My company owns vr arcade in Washington DC! We are interested in offering these experiences at our venue We use the htc vive. When will it be compatible? please check out

Well I've just uploaded the SteamVR+Oculus version

But I don't have the rights to allow you to commercialise this, this is a Fan Game of Sonic The Hedgehog,
SEGA will not allow you to include this in a VR arcade.

I will be creating more experiences, with an intent to put my Walk-O-Motion system in a fully fledged VR shooter, which of course I would consider a deal with you guys when that happens.

Haha can't wait to try it out and make a video on it man! :D

Guess what...

SteamVR now working in the game... Possible Jump button issue, can't test myself!

Deleted post

I'll work on it and figure it out.

Try modifying SteamVR config to map A button for Oculus to something useful on Vive

nevermind works fine.. only issue is the annoying snap turning on the right trackpad but other than that everything works fine

I updated it, you can switch the jump button to Touchpad down now instead.

Also added actual Snap Turning, same right hand touchpad/analogue, but it snaps 45degrees

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Thats a lot of fun :D And I like the locomotion

It's gonna get better...

The next demo is Halo!

Vive user here. I would like to try this out! :D Looks fun!

SteamVR + Oculus version uploaded,

Also got to add collision to the End Capsule, I completely forgot that!