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so good


pls tell me how to start tiny knight pls ?


Just download and play.

It's a Windows game though, if you have Mac I don't know if you can emulate that.

i guess no Alzose232

Hi guys as soon as i saw dis game i was like oh diss look fun ima get it and its downloading but i got a question is there sandbox in it?.

It's just a one scene demo right now.

What you see on the videos is all there is, I have a lot of things to get done and no time at all so I can't update things as quickly as I want to be able to.

when will this be for mac?


how to start game tiny knight pls


Deleted 2 years ago

I have a few requests for a Discord, maybe I'll make one soon and let you know!

you ever gonna update this?

Working in VR right now... Got a lot to do.

It's on my waiting list, I promise I'll come back to it soon.

I enjoying your game i enjoy it thanks cant wait some more updates :)

IT NEEEDs to be one mac plz

when is this gonna be updated?


What an adorable difficult little game that I now love, keep up the great work dev! 

El Juego está bien, y me gusta la idea a pesar de algunas cosas que tienen que ser mejoradas. Estaria bueno un modo con un compañero, osea un bot que te ayude en el combate, seria un buen detalle. Espero su proxima actualizacion!!!!


ʇı pǝʎoɾuǝ ʎןןɐǝɹ ˙ǝɯɐƃ ǝɔıu 'oɹq

Hey there!! tried your game out! recorded and uploaded! it was quite fun! excuse my rage for a bit, really want to see more updates on this! 

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There should be a game mode where you should last for as long as you can with upgrade abilities, like increase weapon damage, increase bash damage, and maybe upgrade your armor?  Also what would be cool is like a shop, where you can buy better armors, better weapons, helmets and upgrade those as well, and how you get to upgrade them well, killing knights, as you kill them you get coins or points which you can use to upgrade your weapon to make it really powerful, or when you want to buy another weapon such as, warhammer you can buy that and upgrade that to make it even more powerful. another thing is that when you kill knights, it gets harder and harder, they will have better attack speed, more health better at blocking and such, it would be cool to upgrade the warhammer at max and just bash those knights and see them flying and see them hitting the ground really hard xD

This is a very very early demo of what the game will be.

I'm going to be adding more weapons, shields, different armour.
You will be able to pick up anything that falls to the ground when an enemy dies.

There will also be different types of weapons, Range weapons, Blunt weapons like warhammers, and the crowd is going to be interactive and actually affect the gameplay!

What about adding like a big knight as a boss or something

when will the next update come out cause i love this game!

Currently working on another small project, I will be coming back to this pretty soon.

This is a very very early version... Almost a prototype!


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Mejorenlo porque no va muy bien en cuanto a la lucha, el escudo casi ni protege, y son durismos los enemigos. 


It's supposed to be like that right now,
This version is really really early, I will be making it easier in the next update :D

like dude girl toaster wahtyerver like i got his idea you chop someones arm off or leg or toaster or whatever yah and you throw that toaster at another oppenent

OK, I just spent a whole minute staring at your comment with my brain trying to figure out what on Earth you were on about.

I won't be adding the ability to pick up body parts, that is beyond the scope of this game.

i agree with you

Dude, add spectate mode, like after you die, hit r to respawn! That would be cool, cuz i keep trying to watch the battle, then. POOF! new game. Otherwise, great game

I will.

Right now what you're trying to watch doesn't exist, the enemies only target you and stop attacking once you die.
There is no battle after you die.

you should add a feature of letting us throw our weapons and picking up weapons and armor. 

Already planned. :D

Deleted 5 years ago
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There's a whole game store for you to showcase your work mate,

I'm deleting your comment.

Sorry if it seems harsh, I'd rather have a bunch of comments I can read and reply to than have a bunch of games that are not mine being advertised in every comment.

The game is really nice so far. In a future version, can you add gore and maybe a better way to hit specific body parts?  Also, cant wait for more weapons (of total DEATH!!) and maybe body armor with special effect on your character (like ninja pants that give you a speed boost). 

More gore, yes there will be more :D (Including dismemberment)

Better way to hit specific areas, yes, there will be a Stab, Shield Bash and Kick move added.

More weapons, Yes
More Armour, Yes

Special effects from armour, Maybe, it depends on what GameModes look like in the end.


and free for all bots attack each other

Guys seriously, if you need to add more to your comment either use the Edit button on the comment or at the very least Reply to your own comment.

I don't understand why people comment again and again just to add one more line of text. Lets have some neatness and tidiness here people.

I will be adding Free For All too, my main aim right now is to add a lot more stuff to the current game mode though :)

can you add game mode like 3 vs 3 bots it so awsome if you add those

Its really good so far... I think it needs a campaign and a few more weapons and a game mode or 2 and it will be golden! 5 stars

That's why it's a very very early demo...

There's so much more to come, it's nowhere near what I want it to be! :D

Lisen,I am going to play the game in an second but,from what I read,this game is going to be fantastic,I will give it an try later but I think that you can do a good job with this game,don't let it waste.

Thanks for the confidence in me.

Truth is this is some my simpler work... Pop over to my YouTube Channel to see all the big (and small) projects I'm working on, some of which have a much greater scope than the aim of this game. This is essentially just another one of my side projects that I'll update every once in a while.

Of course I also have another side project that I uploaded on to itch called 360 Chicken, it's on my profile page here, if you like obstacle course type driving games like Happy Wheels you'll probably find it interesting!

Deleted 2 years ago

Did you know that there are two health bars? One of which happens to recharge pretty quickly
I just looked at the code, the inner health bar recharges at 7% per second, so a full recharge within 14.2 seconds
The outer health bar recharges at 0.7% per second, I originally had it not recharging at all!

The game is supposed to be hard, granted it's a little too much right now but it's easily fixed through testing.
You're supposed to be blocking the hits with your shield or armour, an armoured hit lowers your inner health bar, the one that recharges really quick, it's only when you're hit on skin (and you see the blood effects) that your outer health bar decreases, this governs the inner bar so it limits how much armoured hits you take.

Also, taking a hit to the arm does about 10-20% damage, while getting hit on the head (no helmet) does 60% damage.
Where you get hit actually matters.

The game is a lot more complex than it looks. :D

Deleted 2 years ago
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wait nvm idk I'm not used to it I gusse oh!


Why double post?

There's an Edit button, or at least just Reply to the last comment, especially when you're referencing it here.

No, not like that...

What you just did was replying to my reply, then you use the Reply button so that it's under my reply!

how do u pick up wepons???

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Guys I just got a score of 18!

I watched the videos posted by you guys, really fun stuff, but I noticed the game doesn't really explain it's mechanics easily and is definitely very hard!

I just decided to test it out myself properly to see what difficulties you were all having, I think currently an average score of 10 is what I'm getting... I'd like that to be at least about 30.

So the game should be easy enough that you should get to about 20 to 30 on average, and beyond 30 or 40 it should be really hard to push past.

I'm gonna be fiddling with a few things, including the amount you have to tilt to lift your Shield,

the AI will fight more conservatively too, trying to keep themselves alive rather than being so aggressive, at least at lower levels.
Right now they don't even change at all depending on level!

will here ne decapping in the final game?

It's a possibility.

this game was awesome to play, i thought it was pretty damn hard but fun! very good job on creating this game! :D

Cheers NimSony, you're the best!

Im JJ from youtube xD

And I'm NimsoNy from YouTube :P

Also I recognise you mostly from Twitter!

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I just find your game on the same page of my game, your game looks great!By the way, check out my network combat system. I want help you make this multiplayer game. 

If it's an actual Networking system then I'll have a look in to it,
If it's just a combat system that works through multiplayer then it's not likely I'd use it, I generally don't use pre-built code for game mechanics!

2 buttons but lot of variety dynamics = best fighting system ever.

I'll be adding Shield Bashing / Kicking too very soon.
I mainly want to get the weapon/shield pickups working properly first so that I can start adding more weapon types!

(2 edits)

Yeah, weapons will put the game to an higher level! The difficulty will be to keep all balanced each others. The success key of this game is the simple but variegate control system... adding a kick/other command can blur that, ending confused in the melee of similar games .

Question time: what do you think about of theese 2 different kind of control methods?

1st idea: Spacebar to defend, LClick for vertical attack, RClick for horizontal.

2nd idea: RClick as usual, hold LClick and move mouse to slash the weapon.

But you can already swing the left or right by just pressing the movement key slightly.
It's been done like this ever since Jedi Knight, that's like over 10 years now!

Using the mouse movement to determine swing makes the screen super erratic, can you imagine how painful it will be to watch a YouTube video with the camera being swing about constantly!

That's why I did it the tried and tested way.
For the extra moves there's only one button being used for Kicks and Shield bashing.

(1 edit)

True, with left/right you can decide to slash from 2 directions.

For cam I was thinking to centre focus it on the enemy when LClick is hold down, or auto focusing on the nearest enemy.

My perplexity about extra moves is only about the risk to lose the natural feeling gived by the simplified handy control. Here becouse I proposed to use the mouse like handle a sword and use Space to defend.. BTW I thrust on your choices, thanks a lot for your patience! :P

You're worried about the game's simplicity breaking because of extra moves...
Auto aiming will completely ruin the whole system, the whole point is that your camera angle determines your attack, the camera is completely player controlled and will never auto target anything, otherwise it completely breaks the game!

We've been spoiled by all these God Of War, Dark Souls type automatic games, where you simply press the right button at the right time, sure it is a skill in itself but it's the exact opposite of a real sword fight, in this game it's about guarding and protecting yourself, so the camera never specifically guides you to do anything.

The enemies have the exact same health and attack system as the player, literally, they are all running on the same code,
Think of the game as multiplayer but with the computer running the other players, they aren't just bots or enemy characters, they are fully fledged players with all of the same actions as you, if you can do something, they can.

This is why the game is so hard, the AI is actually extremely aggressive and doesn't care much for it's own safety, unlike the player who wants to last as long as possible.

Each new move will be very carefully crafted in to the game, if it's done properly I can keep the simplicity of the game while adding so much more choices to what the player can do.

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