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this game is cancelled nimsony? 

i will never get tired of this game

this is AMAZING! its JUST LIKE human fall flat. I LOVE THIS GaMe!


           mm     (  ͡•   ʖ ͡• )    mm

i want to see a game that uses this ragdoll engine

All I see is a round smurf mate. I love it


they completely forgot about this game


Add multiplayer pls and customisable  characters ^w^


can u make a v2



i've been following your development videos this us very cool! :D

Great game. This is one of the first games i played, but i do wish for more updates to come.

How to change skin?

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i cant run it on x86 system (my pc)

Same and if there is 32bit link I will be like



make a version for i phone please thank you

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the game is full of bugs like, every 10 seconds i find a new bug. but is the best ragdoll mechanic i eer seen, its so... smooth, i only seen this on human fall flat. one thing to add to the game is that you can climb walls, that will be cool


it works but the more fun is. you should add a ragdoll scripts that fuction well


hey u. i seen that you want pizza tower coop build. you can friend me on discord so i can give you: pizzaface#6027


epic gamer dude


I'm so excited to play.


i cant get in the game


how do you play

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help I get an error in the game help




make a new update that you can make your own world


Why am I a smurf?


I've noticed that every comment on here beyond a certain date has at least 1 downvote.

It seems we have a lousy human on our hands.


Just a question, is there a way to see the controls? Or is there only grab, jump, punch and look?


The main controls are only Look, Move, Jump and Grab.

You can press H to see the spawning and extra debug controls, just a bunch of small things.

Spawning just spawns random sized and random coloured objects, except the bombs that are always the same.


Thanks for letting me know!


How to play it?


pon un multiplayer


please do a version for windows 8





tutorial? cause other tutorials didn't work for me , my character would end up glitching underneath the floor or have flimsy limbs which look unrealistic.


hope there's a mac version of this soon!


i wonder if you ca make a vr game like this


its got my eyes 

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i wish this game has multiplayer and for android 


It is more amazing than HUMAN FALL FLAT!! IT NEEDS 1200088 LIKES!!!!!






LOVE this game!

very bad it has no use to it

its a sandbox game... what would you expect you brainlet?


yeah what he would expct from it


no doubt he has a dantdm profile picture


im need play that


plz make it on 32 bit plz

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can you please make it run on 32 bits plz?

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