SMB VR - Tech Demo

I shall fix it!

- Message to all Players of SMB VR -

So I just watched one of my favourite YouTubers play the game and it kind of reminded me of the problems that this old Locomotion setup had.

I played the game again straight after and realised just how bad the setup is.

I'm now modifying this build and implementing HYBRID Locomotion in to this game instead of the old Walk-O-Motion locomotion.
This will massively improve the fun factor and make it feel less like moving through mud!

Also, I'll be replacing the Jump with just a button like I did with the more recent prototypes. Having to bunny hop is just too dangerous :P Hint hint


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Please can you add more levels? A level editor would be great. That might be too hard though.


oh i know wich vid you mean where the guy hops and breaks his htc vive controllelrs