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how do i  play

This is really nice, but I can't get off the ground for more than a second before I just fall even though I have two webs out. Really cool though, I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong.

you have to press trigger to pull yourself to the point you webbed for maximum fun


pls add apk and obb files or  quest support

Just tried the Spideriiny demo. WOW!

This is the best swinging simulator I've tried. I've played the official Spiderman game, Windlands 2 and Unbreakable Gumball. Maybe I just didn't get the hang of the others, but this felt so good.

Swinging is not exactly intuitive, but once you get it, it's so much fun. The "rope" retraction is key for building momentum, but it's not like windlands where you can just reel yourself in. You actually need to swing to get moving. 

Rope placement, timing, length and left/right balance are all important so you can keep going in the right direction and not slam into a building.

I wish there was more of a game here, maybe just a checkpoint race and consequences like dying if you run into something with too much speed.

feet trackers ?


Will this be able to work on a computer?


if you mean keyboard and mouse controls then no, this is a vr game buy a vr headset and come back


how do i start it?

Spider demo not yet supporting Index. Guess this is put on the backburner?

It look like unity, will u release Unity package with sample? (Sell it, i would buy it =) )

Been Watching your channel for a while, and just got a headset (WMR dell visor).  The demo was pretty cool. I especially liked the climbing.  I have a question though: can you adjust the 'aim' of the controllers.  what I mean is, since I use WMR controllers, the aim is high.  If I point straight, the aim is at a roughly 30 degree angle up (probably because that is what a vive would be in comparison).  is there any intent to have the pitch of the aim adjustable?


how do I play when its downloaded

Does Spideriiny work with Index controllers?

adil3tr As you can see in the 7th picture (the one with all the controllers), the Index controllers are supported in this game.

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Unless it has been updated (which it hasn't), that is an unfortunate nope.


Can you compile / build a Oculus Quest version? That would be sooo great!


Just asking, since I haven't really seen any questions about this, Is it possible that we could get access to the unity project aswell to tinker around ourselves, or is it "for your eyes only" and this is for spreading the idéa of another type of system and eventually your game prototype? <:

Please please make this open source or something. I want to make actual buildings and bigger map. I honestly don't want to make money off it I just want more of this awesome engine!! if you don't make it open source then please just give us a bigger space to play with... and maybe give a brightness option because this game makes my eyes bleed.

Please add valve index controller support


Would love some index support :( Was really disappointed when I saw I couldn't use them. Good work non the less 


yeah the index is not working and kinda making me sad. :(

Agreed. Although in the video he posted about an hour ago he said he is updating it for open VR. So just a little longer and we can play.

Yay! I'm so excited!

Works as described with Vive controllers.  I had a ton of fun swinging around the city shouting "thwip" to myself as I sent out a new webline.  I'd like to see an stronger reel-in on the lines, maybe when pulling your arms in?  Oh, and more sounds,  if you want I can make them for you.  Anyways, it worked great, I love your stuff, keep it up!

Can't get any inputs when it actually starts with the Index Controllers.

This is amazing


Does not seem to work with index controllers.


Yeah, I cant walk or use webs with the index controller.




Why would I trade my new top-of-the-line VR gear I just bought for a first gen headset that has vastly less potential to stay relevant in the future?

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who thinks i should delete this comment?


me think that 

Good Job Bud :)