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Hybrid Experimental - Physics Samples

Sample 1 - rMod Sandbox Demo - NON-VR
rMod is a physics sandbox game that uses a simple form of Hybrid Presence to improve character interactions.

Character movement interacts completely with the physics objects in the world, the character's body also utilises ragdoll physics

The current character movement system will be the same used for AI characters in the full VR builds, the Hybrid Presence system for VR however is more comprehensive than this, but will still allow freedom of motion in the same way.

In the current demo scene, simple objects can be spawned and moved around the world, you can change physical properties like their Mass and Buoyancy to see how they interact with each other and the player.

Controls can be changed in the Launcher.

Sample 2 - The Garden Locomotion Demo - VR
The Garden is a simple scene and "Walking Simulation" that gives you an understanding of the Locomotion system in it's pure form.

Character movement interacts completely with the physics objects in the world, only without the Ragdoll.

This demo should work for both Oculus and SteamVR users, see controls in the instructions menu.

Sample 2.5 - Experimental Accessibility Locomotion - VR
The Garden sample with an experimental version of the locomotion that is used for seated gameplay.

Try it and have some fun with Physics!

Like what you've seen? Be sure to check out my stuff on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/user/nimsony


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Hybrid Experimental - rMod Sample 1 31 MB
Hybrid Experimental - Garden Sample 51 MB
Hybrid Experimental - Accessibility - Garden Sample 51 MB

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I wish i had VR






hoow do i turn on Vr

you cant you have to wait until vr mode can be turned on

quest app lol

hey i would love to test your demo and your futur game on oculus quest if you can't do that or can't afford a oculus quest i understand i will do my best to donate but can you give me response 

why did chrome block one of the files


Will this Presence System be a project download for unity to others can use this system for their own games? or is it only meant for demonstration purposes


I would pay big bucks for the hybrid presence system

If not, can you add it, or is it only for VR?


Does the Garden Example have a non-VR version? I would really like to try it, but I don't have a VR.

Can't wait for the VR version :P


Why does this have VR tag when it's not for VR? I really wanted to try this in VR but was very sad when it didn't work.

Sorry for not making that clear on the first sample.

The page is for multiple Sample Demos regarding the "Presence System", I uploaded Sample 2 today, it's a VR demo for the Locomotion, but does still rely on the underlying physics for player movement that's in the rMod Sample.

There will be more and hopefully the whole Presence system for VR as a sample demo soon.


Cool, I would love to try the Hybrid Presence system you showed off about 4 weeks ago on Youtube :)

cant wait to play this in vr!

its not for vr

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee make a vr version too


its realesead