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But it's a super cool game and i love it!

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And also more maps.

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Wish there was more organs and stuff to the chicken.

:D me alegra que sigas trabajando en el juego

espero se actualize este juego  ya que es muy divertido espero metan mas niveles y modo multijugador   para poder jugar con mis amigos  y tambien que metan el editor de niveles asi seria un juego muy divertido  con toda la cantidad de niveles que va haber espero lean este comentario

Hey, any chance you could make a build for Linux?

Hey, did you see this?


Yes, it's nice but a very different type of game to this.

Skatebird seems to be based on the gameplay style of Tony Hawks as a skateboarding game.

360Chicken is a game where I just wanted to put a physics ragdoll chicken on a vehicle and give it similar mechanics to Happy Wheels and Guts'n'Glory. It actually wasn't even going to be a chicken, it was supposed to be a humanoid character, but when programming the base movement I used a Sphere attached to a flat Box with wheels, it became quite fun so I added a Head Sphere and it looked like a chicken.

360Chicken is not really supposed to replicate any other game's mechanics directly, rather it works very differently to  a regular skateboard game, where the skateboard works more like a car than a skateboard, you can see how the board is big enough that the chicken basically sits mostly within it's bounds.

aight, cool


great idea, great execution, weird game.

This has been a long time coming

Played the game and we loved it! So funny :D

Do please keep working on it.

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nym i am fan of youuuuuuuuuuuu i even made a account and download unity like you :) 

ohh and just sooooo you know thx alot for this and plz make a sonic fan made game

mabey music? get umm ot that fun with out it.... Also  falling into the void kills u beacuse it don't kill me???

I haven't added music yet because I'm still considering whether to use the one I've been using for the videos, most likely I will.

I'm probably going to make changes as to what happens when you fall in to the void, currently you can just think of it as another form of trap, if you fall off, press the respawn button :D

all ur game need to go to steam i use steam and it would make it eaiser for peaple to find this

How much easier is it for me to pay $100 to upload a free game?

And that feeling you just felt, is the sudden realisation that all of those people that keep saying "More fees will stop all those rubbish games from clouding our steam store" were actually hurting real devs!


did not relize it cost the much sorry for bad grammar spelling


You must release this in Steam Greenlight!

That was the original plan.

But Steam decided to axe Greenlight and they're replacing it with a pile of filth Paywall called Steam Direct.

It's a terrible change for Indie devs, and it will allow even more rubbish to appear on the store... Oh well, it's their business I guess.

Hi guys, sorry not much updates on this game recently,

It is intended as my go between game, whenever I have time I just update this for fun.

I'm currently working as part of BrokenLab Games on a platforming game called Warped:Metaverse and will be focusing more on that to ensure I meet deadlines :)

This game is so much fun. it is hilarious, and i would LOVE to see more go into this, like more levels, races or multiplayer. Keep up the amazing work!

I intended for it to have multiplayer and loads of types of obstacles exactly like all the other gory games available these days.
The multiplayer will hopefully be both ghost based so you can both race the same track without affecting each other and destroying obstacles for others, as well as a normal mode where you literally have to fight for the right to win, obstacles that fall will mean the next racer will be affected, and racers will be able to collide with each other.

Made a video -

Watched it... You guys deserve more subs!

You're watchable...

Thank you


nice job bro!

So I just unintentionally Liked, Disliked then Liked your comment because has the worst and most ambiguous icons for those things I've ever seen.

I thought those buttons might scroll through my notified comments, but nope, they are the Upvote/Downvote buttons...

Downloaded 360Chicken right when you made the video about it. It's a very enjoyable game so far and I can't wait for it to be developed further. You're currently one of my favorite game developers, and I can't wait for future content.

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Thanks for the first comment on this page.

Be sure to share it wherever you can do, as this project is moving fast... I've already made a level editor, it's going to need a community before I eventually launch the community levels system!

Alright, I'll see what I can do!